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GAMERadio Episode_387 | 13 Years and 13 Beers

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GAMERadio_387 - C4 & ribo! [ - 02.26.2k16, Fri] ********************************************************************************************************

Intro: CAPCOM!

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13th Anniversary! 
*** GAMERadio Episode_1, 2003 Feb 25th! ***
Listen to the first EVER show here!


Street Fighter V Madness! -  

Ubisoft Stealing Artwork -

Also, Final Fantasy XIV steals music? Wha? You be the judge! - 

Powerman 5000 -

“Verified N source” ZeldaU will be ZeldaNX as well -

Fallout 4 Season Pass going up to $49 on 3/1/16. -

HTC Vive is $799, ships early April 2016 -

Disgaea PC port tragedy. -

Speculative Fiction : Nintendo NX coming 2016?




  • Farcry Primal
  • Doom 3
  • Just Cause 3

And More...

Post Credits: Firewatch Spoilercast

GAMERadio Episode_386 | Not Long Enough.

Games and More Entertainment Radio
GAMERadio_386 - C4, ribo and Newfie! [ - 02.13.2k16, Sat] ********************************************************************************************************

Intro: "What gets me off would disturb you on such a deep level honey, you'd be best served never to think about it again'" - Billions. 

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Gametrailers is gone. Who Cares? -

Editorial: Who uses game wiki’s

The Witness makes $$$ -

XCOM 2 is out, is it fucky with math? (spoilers: Yes.) -

Steam Lunar New Year Sale -
Newfie paid $2 for Hylics -



Undertale (ribo)
Rise of the Tomb Raider Laura Croft (Newfie)
Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen (Endgame discussion. - C4)
Danganronpa (Newfie. "Extra Mode (School Mode) is garbage.")
Punch Club (Newfie - "Mobile Kairosoftesque game")


The Witness

And More...

Mystery of Oak Island -

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

GAMERadio Episode_385 | Gacha Catch 'Em All

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GAMERadio_385 - C4, ribo and Newfie! [ - 01.29.2k16, Fri] ********************************************************************************************************

Intro: "Shit! Fuck! Shitfuck!'" - Blind Fury

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Amazon Prime Discount Games -

C4 shills Best Buy Gamers Club Again! (Seriously though, you should get it, it's a good deal!)

Editorial: Are Digital games disposable? At what price would you feel burned if you could no longer access your digital content? 

Origin Access $4.99/mo, EA Vault, 10% off purchases -

Sony combines Playstation Business and Network Entertainment into a single business unit -

Sony Vita Update Fucked -

ribo has been wasting time with a lot of free 2 pay garbage on his phone. Here are some of them:

  • Grand Sphere - Hero collection game, combat is like a very simplistic Dragon Quest but it's pretty fun! Recommended! -
  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Final Fantasy minus the story. Just combat with a TON of content. Very Decent. Recommended! Check out a NeoGAF Form -
  • Exos Saga - "Auto Battler", Looks ok, kind of generic. Meh. Uninstalled.
  • Battle Frontier - "Auto Battler" Dated as of 2016. Meh. Uninstalled.
  • Puzzle and Dragons - The original and still the best. Really fun match 3 game mixed with Pokemon. There's a reason why this game is no. 1. Recommended!
  • Dragon Blaze - "Auto Battler" that looks like Vanillawear. Pretty, but very shallow. Meh. Uninstalled.
  • Seven Knights - "Auto Battler" Generic, but better looking than Exos Saga. Meh. Uninstalled.
  • Granblue Fantasy - This game isn't out in english yet but, my god, the artwork! Looking forward to a dirty mobile Gacha game? Isn't that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?
  • Mabinogi Duel - continues to be the best TCG on mobile! Seriously, check this one out! -

Stranger of Sword City contains two different art styles - - Which do you think is better?

What is Strangers of Sword City you ask? -



Guitar Hero Live (C4)
Marvel Heroes 2016 - (C4)
Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider ("First two hours, by god it is everything I wanted!" - Newfie)
Dragon's Dogman Dark Arisen aka DDDA (ng+ pretendery, poorly inserted dlc -C4)

ribo rambles about Life is Strange. Here are his notes:

  • Life Is Strange
  • Adventure game in the style of Telltale games (looks great!)
  • Old school "flavor" text of the environment; lots of items to look at and interact with that add to the atmosphere.
  • Game is graphically impressive; has a unique art style - all close up items look like photos that have some kind of post processing watercolor filter applied.
  • Graphically the game is gorgeous, plays pretty well too, I didn't notice many of Telltale's technical failings, DONTNOD did a good job emulating Telltale's style while at the same time making the game their own.
  • 18yr old girl with "rewind" powers story is a mix of Twin Peaks, Stephen King and Doctor Who. (basic premise)
  • Story doesn't really impact until near the end of Episode 2 (Kate spoiler?) which impacts hard.
  • Story is pretty good, all of the important characters are fleshed out if not a little "trope-y", though in true Telltale fashion the story is still a narrative "diamond", All points no matter what choices you chose lead to one of two endings. This game is definitely more about the journey than the destination.
  • Game length is about 20 or so hours, 5 episodes each that vary between 2 - 4 hours. Longer than most Telltale games as there is actual exploration and some minor puzzle elements outside of dialogue choices (The investigative sequence in Episode 4 is especially strong).
  • Rewind mechanic is fun as most conversations have "alternate" dialogue choices that lead to different outcomes; some have major consequences.
  • "Hipster" High might be a little hard for 30 somethings to deal with but it's probably fine. Most of these kids are pretty awful, also there is some questionable dialogue.  Do teens really talk this way? There might be some overused slang (these kids say "hella" wayy too much, I think that phrase went out in 2003) Game feels like it was written by how a 38 yr old man thinks what teens sound like...also it doesn't help that the game was originally written in French then localized to portray Oregon.
  • That VA work was great. (Ashly Burch!)
  • Pixel hunts? not really as key items are pointed out on the screen as you get near them, however you will have to look around with the camera to see some items. Puzzle sequences are fairly tame, and if you fail too many times Max's internal dialogue will eventually point to the solution.
  • VERY good adventure game, makes sense why it was on many top 10 lists from 2015.
  • Season 2 will most likely feature new characters.


Elite Dangerous - We said some things about Elite Dangerous last episode. We were wrong, as usual.

Our pal istoff schools us on Elite:

istoff: hey.  thanks for the latest show.
istoff: just going to leave this in your chat window for later.  no need for you to reply if you're busy
istoff: very frustrating listen to you guys wonder about all things elite
istoff: would love to answer your questions and clarify anything you might wanna know
istoff: there's very good reasons for the way they handled the kickstarted online/offline mode which I totally see as being the right choice
istoff: the seasons idea is also kind of weird, but it guarantees them an annual income while in return you get 5 expansions (roughly) every year for the purchase.
istoff: bear in mind, depending on your kickstarter investment, thats all free for life
istoff: I don't think that star citizen and elite compete.  SC will end up being the more arcade version and elite will be the "sim"
istoff: the one thing that is differentiating it from other games is that it spawns all kinds of emergent gameplay.
istoff: for example: there are guys called "the fuel rats" who volunteer to come and bring you fuel if you run out of gas far away.  there are factions that form and be kll squads or defenders or whatever.
istoff: the game has a "Risk" style civilisations type mode where you can align with a "power" and do missions to raise your power or undermine the opposing powers.  1000's of people are doing this and of course, the game generates npc's as well.
istoff: while it is a mmo, it can be played solo or in a limited group mode.  the solo mode is exactly like a single player offline mode, BUT, it is online to enable you to interact with the games economy, mission structures, and benefit from the political effect of online players.  what that means is that playing alone you can eliminate the assholes and focus on yourself without random people messing with you.
istoff: combat has various guises.  solo combat can be tough if you get in trouble and are ganged up on.  you can wing up 4 people if you need help.  same with trade or exploration, you can fly together or solo.
istoff: if you're really into a community supported game, this game has 100's of websites/ apps/ tools to help you feel immersed
istoff: one caveat, is that I played and loved the original c64 version, so perhaps I'm a unique case.
istoff: I also played the Chris Roberts games and while they looked better, they were nothing in comparison.
istoff: I could honestly go on for hours, but let me stop there.
istoff: Lemme just repeat my offer.  If any of you have any confusion about this game, drop me a question or  10.
istoff: btw, I'm currently doing a 26000ly each way journey to the centre of the milky way.  There is a super massive black hole and its kind of an unofficial badge of honour (more than an achievement) to do it.  you basically need to invest anything from 3 weeks to 3 months to pull it off and its very rogue like in that if you die, all your accumulated discoveries and gains are forfeit.
istoff: also.  the game has only one career slot, so no save manipulation.  you literally play one character/save.  if you want 2, buy a second copy of the game!  hard core.
istoff: one of the communities I participate in.  lots of posts & screen grabs.  flick through it the next time you take a dump ;)
istoff: peace out.

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